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Client Retention – A Psychological Perspective

An eight-part guest post series by psychologist Kate Swann on how to keep your clients.

Personal Trainers: Employee or contractor? Why does it matter?

Disregarding the employee vs contractor distinction is like doing deadlifts with sloppy form...

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Our Fitness Industry Thrives on Change

FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. It’s new and it differs significantly from previous providers. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

Employed, Rental or Own Business - Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer

There are 3 keys ways to operate as a Trainer, here's a quick article to help you appreciate the differences.

How to Write A Good Job Ad

When looking for staff, the first interaction you'll have with a candidate is often via your job ad. As ever, first impressions count.