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Client Retention – A Psychological Perspective

An eight-part guest post series by psychologist Kate Swann on how to keep your clients.

The Basics on Restraint of Trade

Employment contracts can stop Trainers from contacting clients after they have resigned...

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Our Fitness Industry Thrives on Change

FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. It’s new and it differs significantly from previous providers. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

Employed, Rental or Own Business - Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer

There are 3 keys ways to operate as a Trainer, here's a quick article to help you appreciate the differences.

How to Write A Good Job Ad

When looking for staff, the first interaction you'll have with a candidate is often via your job ad. As ever, first impressions count.