Fitness Industry Calendar


This page is an accompaniment to the 2018 calendar that we have sent to 500 of our business clients. 
Additional information and links relevant to each month are available below. This page will be updated throughout the year.
If you'd like to have a date included, or would like to be a part of the 2019 calendar, please contact us.

Thank you to all our partners that helped make this event calendar possible.

January - Presented by Mentoring with OD on Movement

Ian O’Dwyer has an international reputation as the Coach’s coach. His understanding of movement and the power of play have allowed him to transform current research into easy to use, efficient and effective movement patterns. Each day of his 3-day mentoring event involves advanced theory and hands-on training in an environment that allows you to get the answers YOU need. Enjoy this recent testimonial from Leanne Hamilton of Swift Fitness.


Don't wait until the last minute, secure your place at

Other events in JAN...

JAN 01 - New Years Day Public Holiday

JAN 26 - Australia Day

February - Presented by The Gym Owners Business Podcast

Hosted by Mel Tempest, The Gym Owners Business Podcast was built to assist gym owners and health club owners in running a business. We chat all things business.The podcast was created for gym owners by a gym owner! 

Tune in at

Events in FEB...

FEB 09, 10 & 11 - Face to Face Mentoring sessions with Ian O'Dwyer. Over this weekend you will learn, train, play and eat with OD - The latter providing the opportunity to ask further questions and confirm your understanding of the weekend's lessons in a relaxing group dining environment. Learn more at

FEB - Feb Fast

FEB 24 - Spartan Race VIC

FEB 28 - Quarter 2 BAS due

March - Presented by BF Brokers

BF Brokers is a proud family business brokerage firm based in Melbourne. They have a dedicated team of Business Brokers with origins dating back to the 1990’s. They use an honest, professional and structured approach towards Business Sales which is valued by both buyers and sellers. 

Looking at buying or selling your fitness business? We can help.

MAR 05 - Labour Day Holiday (WA only)

MAR 08 - International Women's Day

MAR 12 - Canberra Day (ACT), March Public Holiday (SA), Eight Hours Day (TAS), Labour Day (VIC)

MAR 30 - Good Friday

April - Presented by Australian Combat & Exercise

Australian Combat & Exercise provide life-changing health, fitness, sports science services for adults, children, athletes and fitness professionals. AC&E offer courses for fitness professionals, seminars, high-performance testing, nutrition advice and planning. AC&E educate, coach and mentor people to achieve their health, lifestyle and professional goals to live a better, more successful, healthy life. 

AC&E boxing courses are the first and only courses developed in conjunction with qualified exercise scientists. | ph: 1300 223 556.

APR 01 - Easter Sunday Public Holiday

APR 02 - Easter Monday Public Holiday

APR 04 - Commonwealth Games begin

APR 07 - World Health Day

APR 20-22 - FILEX

APR 25 - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

APR 28 - Spartan Race QLD, Quater 3 BAS & Super Contributions due

May - Presented by GymClick Media

Gym Click Media is a specialist team with over a decade of experience in both the Fitness and Video Production Industries. Directors Eugene Downing & Tian Jay have worked closely with many fitness sector professionals from RTOs, Personal Trainers and Fitness Event Organisers to provide high-quality video products over a vast range of projects.

From inception to completion, we can help make your video project shine above the rest.

APR 07 - Labour Day (QLD only) May Day (NT only)

APR 11 - March Quater BAS due

May 13 - Mother's Day

May 19 - Tough Mudder QLD 

May 21 - Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) return due 

June - Presented by BizCover

You take care of your clients; we’ll take care of your insurance. BizCover is proud to be working with FITREC and HealthyPeople to provide a comprehensive combined liability policy from DUAL Australia which meets the specific needs of fitness professionals. 

Find your insurance solution at

JUN 04 - Western Australia Day (WA only)

JUN 11 - Queen's Birthday (ACT, NSW, SA, VIC, NT), Men's Health Week (11-17) 

Jun 30 - End of the financial year

July - Presented by PaySmart

PaySmart has worked in partnership with the fitness industry for more than 20 years and we’re yet to come across a successful business that didn’t use direct debit as a core component of their business structure. 

Whether you’re a PT, a yoga instructor, you run a boutique fitness business or a large gym or fitness franchise, Think PaySmart—we know the fitness industry and we have a direct debit solution to meet your needs. 

Regular payments make for stronger fitness businesses: 

(HealthyPeople and FITREC are both clients of PaySmart and rate their service highly)

JUL 01 - New financial year begins, Dry July

JUL 28 - Quater 4 BAS & Super Contributions due

August - Presented by HealthyPeople

HealthyPeople is Australia's largest and most successful fitness industry-specific recruitment service. 

We're dedicated to providing both employers and professionals with a solution that contributes to the growth of businesses and careers. We post around 200 fitness job ads a month, sharing the details in more than 100,000 emails a week. With a network of more than 89,000 fitness professionals around Australia, it's highly likely we have the right person for your next role.

Advertise a fitness job.

Events in AUG...

AUG 10, 11 & 12 (TBC) - Face to Face Mentoring sessions with Ian O'Dwyer. Over this weekend you will learn, train, play and eat with OD - The latter providing the opportunity to ask further questions and confirm your understanding of the weekend's lessons in a relaxing group dining environment. Learn more at

AUG 14 - PAYG withholding payment summary annual report due

AUG 28 - Taxable payments annual report due

September - Presented by Sport e Coach

Sport e Coach offers a range of accredited professional development courses to accelerate your fitness and sports coaching career. Founded by Brad McGregor, we set out to deliver a range of high-quality services to the sport, fitness & health sectors. 

As a Level 2 strength & conditioning coach & accredited exercise physiologist Brad is able to deliver evidence-based exercise solutions to meet performance &/or rehabilitation goals.

SEP 03 - Women's Health Week (3-9)

SEP 05 - Health & Phys Ed. Day

SEP 13 R U OK? Day

SEP 28 Friday before the AFL Grand Final (VIC only)

October - Presented by HealthyPeople/FITREC Weekly Newsletter

Every week we send out an industry-specific newsletter to more than 36,000 industry people around Australia. There are featured jobs, articles and videos of interest, news about industry people, registration updates, learning opportunities along with the occasional non-industry news that we think you'd like to know.

Your contributions are welcome, whether it's news, links to blog items, learning opportunities and other items of interest. 

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OCT 01 - Labour Day (SCT, NSW, QLD)

OCT 05 - Walk to Work Day

OCT 20 - Tough Mudder Melb

OCT 21 - Annual PAYG instalment due

OCT 28 - Quater 1 BAS & Super Contributions due

OCT 31 - PAYG withholding annual report due, Halloween

November - Presented by Business Coaching with Mel Tempest

Mel Tempest is a global fitness business expert and influencer known for her quality, practical 'in your face' approach to business, which has lead her to receive many business awards. Known as an early adopter in the industry, her success has now seen her inspire more clubs to think creatively through group programming, marketing, Human Resources, implementation of concepts and innovation, along with in-club motivational thought leadership workshops that will give your club the edge. 

Book your consult for your fitness business today. Call Mel on 0418 375 619

NOV 06 - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday (VIC only)

December - Presented by FITREC

FITREC is a new option for industry registration. Over the last three years, FITREC has confirmed itself as a service that's making fitness careers easier for industry professionals. As an example, FITREC does not require CEC/PDP accumulation. Instead, FITREC opts for complete transparency with professional profiles that show all learning, experience, achievements and references. This gives employers, clients and allied health professionals the greatest possible insight into any fitness professional.

Learn more about FITREC at

DEC 25 - Christmas Day Public Holiday

DEC 26 - Boxing Day Public Holiday, Proclamation Day (SA)