Why promote yourself?

Why you should be Promoting yourself on HealthyPeople...

1. Find a job more easily - don't just look for jobs, give your next job a chance to find you.

2. Avoid the competition - when employers approach you, you avoid the normal competition of job applications.

3. More opportunities - Job ads are often the last resort for employers, they'll approach candidates directly first.

4. Potential for multiple offers - It won't always happen, but when it does, it's never a bad thing.

5. Build more connections - The more employers you talk to, the greater the chance for a successful career.

How does it work? 

1. Update your profile to include a couple of key details - including roles you'd like to be considered for.

2. Request Promotion - $25 with 100% money back guarantee - FREE for FITREC professionals.

3. Once approved, local employers are notified by email that you are interested in new opportunities.

4. For the next two weeks, your profile will sit at the top of all relevant candidate search results.

Does it work?

If you're not promoting yourself, are you using one of these reasons?

"I'm only applying for certain roles"

C'mon... you're limited by your own awareness of what's out there. Some of the greatest opportunities are the ones you did not see coming.

"I'm waiting to hear from a role I applied for"

C'mon... if you're serious about getting a new role, you can't take your foot off the gas. Remember, there is probably at least 20 other people hoping to nail that same job.

"I'm not seriously looking for work at this time"

C'mon... If you have no desire for a new role, so be it. In the very least, there is no harm in updating your profile. But if ANY part of you is considering better conditions, more money or career growth, it's time to get yourself in the game.

"I want to be able to pick and choose employers"

C'mon... You don't have to take every job offered to you. 

PROMOTION is risk-free and does more than job applications ever could.