Smarter fitness recruitment

A gap in your team is a BIG obstacle to growth. 

It's also a disruption to normal operations and comes with hidden costs that include lost sales, lost clients and diverted resources. Not to mention the impact on remaining team members and the stress it causes business owners.

The need for staff is often more frequent than roles are advertised

The average number of ads posted by a fitness clubs each year is three - And all too often posted when the fill is urgent, encouraging hiring for 'right now' over 'right fit'. Whether for reasons of growth or attrition or simply to be proactive, employers could easily recruit on an ongoing basis.

Try this on for size, it's cost-effective and gives you the freedom to recruit as needed.

The strength of your team influences your bottom line, so begin your annual recruitment strategy today.

Local candidates at your fingertips and three ads you can use at any time over the next 12 months.

Purchase in full for $2950 or opt for three monthly payments of $990 inc. GST

Just want to post an ad? That's cool, start here.

 * Job ad 'success guarantee' - If there are no applicants or those that apply are clearly unsuited, your ad will be reposted at no charge. Not available on ads advertising multiple roles.