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F45 Training, Ashgrove


Ashgrove, Queensland

We’re not a ‘Typical’ F45 and as such, we’re not looking for a ‘Typical’ coach or Manager. I’m looking to add some strong new recruits to my teams who are memorable coaches and great teammates.


F45 Training

Key Job Category

Manager - PT/Group Ex


Added on 26/07/2022

Expires on 26/08/2022

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Here’s the thing...

Not all F45 studios are the same.

And the reality is, not all coaches are the same. They might look the same, but you and I both know there’s something different.

You get those coaches that cheerlead. Countdown from 3-2-1, don’t really know how a member is meant to “feel” because they’re too focused on themselves.

But that’s not you. You’re different. And it’s the same as us.

We’re not a ‘Typical’ F45 and as such, we’re not looking for a ‘Typical’ coach or Manager.

I’m looking to add some strong new recruits to my teams who are memorable coaches and great teammates.

But we need someone ready to dominate. Ready to leave your mark and be remembered as one of the best we’ve had.

You can even start whilst finishing your certs!

The difference for us is this:

  • You’re not just looking for a few shifts to just make rent while you figure out your life. You actually want to be part of something bigger and be valued as a community leader and great coach. This is you. You want to be the reason why our members achieve greatness in their life.
  • You’re not just someone who says they're ‘passionate’ about health and fitness because it’s great for your ‘gram. You’re all about it, heck, it probably got you out of a rut at some stage in your life. You live it, believe it.
  • You’re not someone who is easily confined to your comfort zone. You’re relentless, you’re thirsty for growth, you’re always looking to sharpen, to improve, to get stronger, fitter, get better, even by just 1% every day.
  • You’re not someone who isn’t Team F45. This is the best fitness brand in the world. Our members have voted to be in F45, they want coaches around them who have too.
  • You’re not someone who’s had loads of experience but lack the ability to still be coached and to be humble enough to take feedback and direction.
  • You’re not a short-term flake, but ready to spend some time crafting your art and willing to do the right thing, the right way for a long time.

In return, what we offer for the right person:

  • Uncapped earning and development potential, we don’t cap your potential so we don’t cap your earnings and how you can earn money and knowledge
  • Strong leadership and coaching on how you can be a better coach, and a loved fitness professional
  • Becoming someone meaningful to a lot of people, way different to what normally happens in other studios
  • Exposure to how the business actually works, growing your skills and knowledge on how to coach, retain and convert members

If all of this sounds like the right fit for you, then I’d love to hear from you.

Extra points if you’ve worked at an F45 before, play in team sports, have good availabilities and have your own transport and can easily get to Ashgrove.

We want to hire within the next 7-10 days.

Once again, we hire character and team players.

Multiple roles available, looking for both, experienced and recently qualified trainers

You ready?

Hit me up. I’m waiting for you.

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