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Body Fit Training Town Hall, Sydney

Personal/Group Training 2IC Studio Manager Position: BFT Town Hall

Sydney, New South Wales

We are looking for an experienced Trainer to work as a 2IC with BFT Town Hall Management, to manage the studio, run classes and scale the business.


Body Fit Training Town Hall

Key Job Category

Personal Trainer


Added on 6/01/2022

Expires on 6/02/2022

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We are looking for an experienced Trainer to work as a 2IC with BFT Town Hall Management, to manage the studio, run classes and scale the business. This is an awesome opportunity for someone with experience in sales and retention within the fitness industry as there is an attractive remuneration package.

Our Facility & Team:

BFT Town Hall is a group training studio located in the heart of the CBD! Right next to the QVB, it is a prime location for foot traffic! We have been open since Feb 2019 and made it through 2 lockdowns running Online Sessions, 1 on 1 PT and Out-Door Bootcamps. Now we are back in the studio where technology runs the classes and part of member experience, making it easy to focus on our members for the later part of the experience.

We have a small team consisting of 3 trainers and a director. 2 trainers are university educated, and 2 of us being here for at least 2 years. Our aim is to have a team inline in values both on the training floor and off it and to constantly use these values to improve our members. BFT follows programming written by some of the Best S&C coaches in Aus, and is extremely enjoyable to teach! Each class progression slowly overloads a specific element of S&C and is suited for everyone, with regressions and progressions written in as well as heart rate prescriptions (% of individual's max) for each exercise. This lets us work with a wide range of clients, and provide that 1 on 1 attention during each session. Adding to this - with the use of 6 Televisions to display exercise demos and live heart rates, you have all the space to attend to the members and have a ball getting them progressing through the day's exercises with good technique and intent.

The sessions here are run with a professional but fun vibe, with members' smiles being as big of a priority as their results. Our community is what counts, so our trainers are expected to be across all the member's needs. Our members come from all over Sydney, and we often have visitors. We pride ourselves on ensuring each individual experience is tailored and genuine, and inclusive of others! Working with us gives you the opportunity to coach an amazing program, and learn more in a supportive environment. The program is extremely intrinsic and you will learn from that alone. Our current team are also avid with their S&C training and always keen to lend knowledge as well as take on advice.


Earning more is easily done by following targets on our remuneration package. As BFT is a largely growing brand, there is plenty of room for growth at the studio, and for yourself into a full-time position, management and split equity opportunities.

Our support network of our program writers, Cameron Falloon (ex-trainer to Princess Diana, AFL Teams, International Soccer Teams) and Sarah
Nehme's (VFL Coach) program notes, as well as the advice from many other BFT reps (some professional athletes themselves) make it natural for progression, along with our current Trainers' being knowledgeable and willing to help! Your immediate team will be your Director, who will work with you closely day to day and offer help when needed.

The Role

The 2IC role will require you to lead group sessions for the members (18 HRS +), providing a knowledgeable explanation and demonstration. Along with this, there will be hours done of Sales, Outreach and Studio Management. These hours are busy and fast-paced and require keen organisation and motivation. We expect our Head Trainers to lead, not just their colleagues, but our members as well. You are their motivation and their role model, so training BFT classes, practicing what you preach and keeping a high work ethic is key.

Our staff need to complete BFT Specific Modules which will cover aspects including BFT Programming, Heart Rate Responses and goals of each specific session, which will ensure your own energy can shine through the BFT Standard. These courses are all recognized by Fitness Australia and can be used toward your Trainer Points. You will also undergo monthly sales training and common cue practice. You can also expect outreach, sales and social media content creation, along with assisting in gym cleanliness around the classes.


  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Preferred experience in sales


We are looking to onboard our 2IC over the next couple of months. Once your application is accepted we will be in touch to organise a trial fortnight where you will be inducted into the brand and our team!

If you think you are the right candidate for this job, please send your Cover Letter and CV to Jeremy via the 'Apply' button.

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