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MC Fitness, Wantirna South

Personal Trainer / Group Trainer - MC Fitness Wantirna South

Wantirna South, Victoria

We are looking for 2 trainers who are ready to start as soon as the lockdown ends, and are available to work between 20- 35 hours per week each.


MC Fitness

Key Job Category

Group Fitness


Added on 3/09/2021

Expires on 4/10/2021

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If you are a trainer who enjoys taking group training classes, and you love to inspire clients to achieve a better version of themselves, and if you are ready to start work as soon as the lockdown ends, then we'd love to hear from you.

Benefits/ Payment Structure

This job is for trainers who are sick of paying franchise fees, bond and rent to 'big box gyms' and are tired of living week by week.

This job provides permanent, consistent work, without the need to work your ass off trying to get new clients every week.

  • This is NOT a subcontractor position
  • you will NOT pay rent
  • you will NOT need to invoice us to get paid
  • you will NOT need to donate your personal time and do  free trials (like PTs are expected to do at big box gyms)

At MC Fitness:

  • You will be employed as a casual or part-time employee, 
  • You will get paid an hourly rate + super
  • You will have your own permanent allocated shifts each week 

We are looking for 2 trainers who are ready to start as soon as the lockdown ends, and are available to work between 20- 35 hours per week each.

Job Description

During your shift, you will take group classes and help clients with technique and motivate them to get the most out of their workouts.

We offer 3 types of classes:

Semi-private training - incorporate weight training and high intensity, plyometric fitness training.

Boxing and kickboxing - done with specialised boxing bags, so our clients and trainers do not need to hold pads

Restore & Balance - pilates based classes that incorporate foam rolling, stretches, and balance exercises.

Our classes run back to back, so in your shift, you will do back-to-back classes for the duration of your shift.


As a trainer, you will need to -

  • follow the session plan of each workout and deliver with motivation and enthusiasm
  • ensure all clients are challenged so they can achieve their fitness goals.
  • ensure all clients receive the highest possible level of service in a safe and motivating environment.
  • NOTE: You will NOT be required to design your own session plans as we have already structured that.
  • However, you will still need to use your personal training experience and knowledge to help clients perform the correct technique and provide alternative exercises if clients are not capable of doing certain exercises.
  • Aside from running group classes, you will be required to clean the studio at the end of your shift, and set up for the next day


  • You will need to have a minimum Certificate 4 in Fitness.
  • First Aid Level 2
  • Current CPR
  • Public Liability/Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Experience in boxing, kickboxing, or pilates will be an advantage.
  • You must be available to work early mornings, mid-mornings, and evenings.

About MC Fitness

MC Fitness is located at 1/5 Eastgate Court, Wantirna South.

We are a privately own fitness studio that provides small group classes to our clients.

We have a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere, so clients feel like MC Fitness is their second home.

We help clients improve their fitness and health by providing challenging, high-quality group classes to help them achieve the best version of themselves.


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