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Goodlife Health Clubs, Adelaide

This vacancy is now expired.

Goodlife Personal Trainer / Fitness Professional – Qualified and Unqualified

Adelaide, South Australia

A Goodlife Personal Training Member motivator has the responsibility of coaching our members to their fitness goals & dreams. In conjunction with your club and mentor, you will build a business of 1:1 and/or Small Group Training clients.


Goodlife Health Clubs

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Personal Trainer


Added on 21/05/2019

Expired on 21/06/2019

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About the business and the role

Would you like to be paid handsomely for doing what you already love doing?

In the five year period from 2008 to 2013, the number of Australians who have a gym membership more than doubled!

The fastest growing segment for health and fitness expenditure, personal training, is expected to have Australians increasing their dollars spent on Personal Trainers by more than 5% every year till at least the year 2020!


This growth is providing an unprecedented demand for quality Personal Trainers to join our team.

Our reputation has been built on developing the very best PT's in the industry.

If you have an intense desire to be the very best we would love to hear from you!

Nationwide data on PT retention clearly shows too many trainers failing in their first year. On the other hand, a very high percentage of those that do make it beyond their first year, tend to stay with us for over 5 years!

Consequently, we've developed our Pathways Program - a way for you to get experience in the Industry before you start your business. You will be able to work with one of our fitness directors (your mentor) whose role is to support, coach and guide you to a successful business.

The Steps required becoming our next awesome Personal training / fitness professional:-

  1. Apply with a cover letter that describes yourself and what unique benefits you can offer our members
  2. Be invited to interview
  3. Receive an invitation to our Pathways Program on 21/06/19 & 28/06/2019
  4. If you graduate from our Program and you're already qualified as a PT, we will prepare you to begin your new career with us as early as 1/7/2019
  5. Follow the development plan we design personally for you with your own Mentor. This is to get you as skilled as possible prior to starting the role - it will begin in 21/06/2019 and run until you begin
  6. Select a club, or clubs, from any of our 12 in Adelaide... and choose your mentor

Job tasks and responsibilities

A Goodlife Personal Training Member motivator has the responsibility of coaching our members to their fitness goals & dreams.

In conjunction with your club and mentor, you will build a business of 1:1 and/or Small Group Training clients.

Skills and experience

We're open to any and all applications. However, we're particularly interested in mature-aged candidates with success in other fields (yes our members like to work with people similar to themselves)!

Are you in good enough shape yourself to become a successful PT?

Do you fear you'll be judged on your current physical shape? And these judgments will prevent you from becoming a great coach and trainer?

Let me tell you how it works in an average, real world, Goodlife Health club. Those fitness bunnies with great rigs you picture in your head, don't tend to make up much of a PT's revenue. In fact, they make up less than 2% of the overall spending on PT.

Our target market is actually the complete opposite of those fitness bunnies.

98% of our revenue comes from the average person who just wants to feel comfortable in the gym. They're not happy with how they look and feel. And they know they need to do it!

These guys just want someone who relates to them and is empathetic of their situation. You turn up on time, you provide effective and encouraging coaching and you show you care... the world literally is your oyster with our model!

Time and time again we see coaches who aren't blessed with good physical genetics, earn several fold over those that compete on bodybuilding stages.

If you do not currently have your Certificate III and IV in Fitness we can help you get the qualifications you need at Goodlife Health Clubs with our industry partners, the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT), the REAL educator in fitness. You can receive your qualification under the mentorship of our Fitness Managers to make sure you are taught by passionate fitness leaders.

Job benefits and perks

  • Learn all the tips, tricks & techniques to get yourself in amazing shape
  • A risk-free pathway to see if a fitness career is right for you
  • Connecting with like-minded, healthy people
  • You get to potentially be your own boss and enjoy the freedom & flexibility that comes with it
  • The joy that comes with waking up every day truly excited about your day ahead
  • Progress all the way from a PT to a PT Manager to Assistant Club Manager, to Club Manager to State Manager, to maybe one day a National Manager within a group of companies.

Important Notes

After applying please check your emails, including your junk/spam folder, as we will reply by email to those we wish to progress within 48 hours of your application.

This ad will be removed when we fill the 14 positions


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