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Vision Personal Training, Engadine

Vision Personal Training

Engadine, New South Wales

Vision Personal Training in Engadine & Bangor are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic, energetic and passionate Personal Trainers that are focused on making fitness their career! 

Why join our team?

Vision Personal Trainers are recognised as being some of the country's leading trainers.

All our staff are constantly trained to remain at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. We ensure you are in a position to provide the best service and knowledge to help clients achieve their goals.

Vision Personal Training has developed comprehensive training and business management systems to ensure that our personal fitness trainers:

  • Have a stable income and job security
  • Are provided with great management support
  • Are provided extensive, ongoing weekly training
  • Can focus on training more clients
  • Gain enormous job satisfaction witnessing clients achieve results
  • Develop sales skills to generate new businesses
  • Have flexible work hours
  • Are financially rewarded through incentive programs
  • Become part of an extremely reputable business
  • Are given the opportunity to continually grow
  • Have the ability to control their session bookings

Vision Personal Training is the company to be a part of if you would like to build a long-term career for yourself in the Fitness Industry.

We promote a full career path from Personal Trainer to Manager to Franchise Owner!

Want to join the team?

Use the 'Send an application' link below to forward us your CV and cover letter.