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CrossFit VSC, Kensington

CrossFit VSC

Kensington, Victoria

CrossFit VSC encourages people to look past the aesthetic benefits of fitness and focus on performance as a major motivator and fun being another. If we constantly try to get fitter by moving better and becoming stronger and doing things we enjoy, we create a lifestyle that limits the risk of injury, and promotes a better quality of life with the ability to express your fitness in many different activities.

CrossFit VSC stands for:

Virtuosity: Doing the common, uncommonly well.

At CrossFit VSC we have a big focus on technique and movement efficiency. We teach our members how to properly perform all movements in a safe and structured format. We strongly believe in quality over quantity and that efficient movement of the body promotes a better life.

Strength: If our mind is strong, then we can become strong, however, this can only be reached through constantly challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone.

Strength is the foundation to become better not only at CrossFit but all your daily activities. The workouts at CrossFit VSC are designed to challenge our clients' physical ability and willpower in order for them to become better than they were yesterday.

Community: CrossFit harnesses the camaraderie and competitive nature of group fitness to help increase the intensity and satisfaction of every workout.

CrossFit VSC believes the ‘Community’ of our gym is one of the most important aspects of our facility.

We are not just a gym where clients come to train and have no interaction with anybody. At CrossFit VSC, everybody is a part of a community where we are accountable for each other. It is a hub where like-minded people get together to train hard and help one another grow in their individual abilities, and most importantly, have fun!

Want to join the team?

We are always on the look out for qualified and passionate Trainers to join our team! If this sounds like you, express your interest via the 'Apply Now' button.