Fitness Industry Calendar 2019


This page is an accompaniment to the 2019 calendar that we have sent to 600 of our business clients. 
Additional information and links relevant to each month are available below. This page will be updated throughout the year.
If you'd like to have a date included, or would like to be a part of the 2020 calendar, please contact us.

Thank you to all our partners that helped make this event calendar possible.

January - Presented by Positive Action Pilates

POSITIVE ACTION PILATES - Authentic Pilates Education. For Pilates education that is grounded in the original work of Joseph Pilates and brought to life by nationally and internationally qualified trainers/presenters, Postive Action Pilates is the only course for you! Mareena and Chris Digby use their decades of experience to create an informative and supportive environment, allowing you to enjoy the process. 

To learn more about the Certificate IV in the Authentic Pilates Method, head to our recent guest post from Mareena and Chris.

Courses include;

For all course details and contact information, visit Positive Action Pilates.

Also in January...

TRIBAR is the offspring of a kettlebell and dumbbell, combining elements of both of these weights to create the optimum core strength and conditioning tool. With multiple grip options, a Tribar kettlebell provides a large number of exercises for strength and conditioning.

What Have You Got To Lose Australia? #NObesity. The official #NObesity Challenge starts January 6th, 2019 so you have time to invite your friends and family to register and join in the fun and play their part! So What Have You Got To Lose?

February - Presented by PD4PTs

Professional Development, Courses and Ongoing Education For Personal Trainers.

A good PT knows their stuff, but a great PT never stops learning. Keep your skills relevant and stay on top of industry trends through our comprehensive and inspiring courses. Expand your knowledge and grow your skillset via our 12-month program. 50% Off for FITREC professionals on our weekly membership option.

March - Presented by BF Brokers

BF Brokers is a proud family business brokerage firm based in Melbourne. They have a dedicated team of Business Brokers with origins dating back to the 1990’s. They use an honest, professional and structured approach towards Business Sales which is valued by both buyers and sellers. 

Looking at buying or selling your fitness business? We can help.

Also in March...

ph360 Courses for fitness professionals. ph360 provides the world’s most advanced Personalized Health education for medical, health and fitness professionals. Combining decades of research with the latest advances in health technology, ph360 is leading the way in applied epigenetics in practice.

April - Presented by Australian Combat & Exercise

Australian Combat & Exercise provide life-changing health, fitness, sports science services for adults, children, athletes and fitness professionals. AC&E offer courses for fitness professionals, seminars, high-performance testing, nutrition advice and planning. AC&E educate, coach and mentor people to achieve their health, lifestyle and professional goals to live a better, more successful, healthy life. 

AC&E boxing courses are the first and only courses developed in conjunction with qualified exercise scientists. | ph: 1300 223 556.

Also in April...

The training provided by Positive Action Pilates is designed in a way that will give the fitness instructor/trainer both theoretical and practical tools to teach the Pilates principles for one on one personal training as well as within a group environment. Become your journey to becoming a Pilates instructor.

May - Presented by MORFUS

THIS IS HELP TO FIND CLIENTS. For many Personal Trainers, finding clients is the biggest challenge. What if there was a group that took it upon themselves to find you the clients? 

Enter MORFUS. Here's how it works; Create a free profile and listing - no marketing expense or anything. Then Deb works her magic to find you new clients. When new clients purchase via the site, she takes a cut. Too easy. Get on it.

Also in May...

Kettlebell Weekend Level 1 & 2 - 50% OFF! Learn to incorporate KB into your classes, how to progress and regress moves when there’s more than one participant, and how to ensure that your participants walk away with a killer workout. More.

June - Presented by BizCover

You take care of your clients; we’ll take care of your insurance. BizCover is proud to be working with FITREC and HealthyPeople to provide a comprehensive combined liability policy from DUAL Australia which meets the specific needs of fitness professionals. 

Find your insurance solution at

July - Presented by ph360

ph360 is a valuable tool for fitness professionals. Dr Cam McDonald says it best - "Pairing your experience and clinical skills with the most advanced health technology will lead to better results, improved client relationships/retention, and greater enjoyment in your chosen career. It's why we are in healthcare."

Learn more about ph360 and the available courses at

Also in July...

The training provided by Positive Action Pilates is designed in a way that will give the fitness instructor/trainer both theoretical and practical tools to teach the Pilates principles for one on one personal training as well as within a group environment. Become your journey to becoming a Pilates instructor.

Taurus Legal Management is a Melbourne-based law firm with a national reach that is dedicated to the delivery of practical, profitable, tailored legal solutions across every field of commercial law. Our specialised team of business lawyers offer reasonably-priced commercial legal advice and outstanding personalised service. [These folks have provided valuable assistance to HealthyPeople on a few occassions].

August - Presented by PROUDLY FITREC

PROUDLY FITREC business registration gives you...

Get more from your fitness registration dollar. FITREC delivers fitness business registration as it should be - More service, more support and less cost. Get your PROUDLY FITREC registration started here.

Also in August...

50% off for FITREC registered professionals. Support your staff even further with ongoing development via the PD4PTs membership. This provides professionals with full access to our exciting course calendar, discounted mentoring with a PD4PTs business coach, weekly e-newsletters with professional development content and much, MUCH more.

September - Presented by Strenght Over Cancer

Strength Over Cancer is a not for profit association dedicated to offering Personal Training to those who are undergoing cancer treatment.
Under the guidance of an accredited exercise physiologist or physiotherapist, our team of qualified and experienced Personal Trainers will sponsor a participant undergoing cancer treatment for a six week targeted exercise program, free of charge.  There are no strings attached, just a desire to help and assist during such challenging times.


Or email Robyn at

October - Presented by Mel Tempest - Business Coach / Speaker / Podcaster / Emcee

Mel Tempest is one of Australia’s original independent health club owners (of Ballarat Body & Soul 24/7 Gym & Group Fitness Superclub), and also the first and only Australian (to-date) to ever receive the John McCarthy Merit Scholarship to attend the IHRSA Institute in the USA.

Mel is the founder and host of the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast, and the author of several books on running a successful fitness business. More recently, Mel launched the Ignite FITNESS event in February this year.

If you'd like to find out how you can take your business’ performance to new levels of success or looking for a speaker at your next event, reach out to Mel via her website.

November - Presented by HealthyPeople

HealthyPeople is Australia's largest and most successful fitness industry-specific recruitment service. 

We're dedicated to providing both employers and professionals with a solution that contributes to the growth of businesses and careers. We post around 200 fitness job ads a month, sharing the details in more than 100,000 emails a week. With a network of more than 94,000 fitness professionals around Australia, it's highly likely we have the right person for your next role.


The BEST VALUE package includes three months of access to local fitness candidates and a Standard job ad. When you mention this calendar, we'll also include one of our 2-week job ads (save $209). Visit HealthyPeople and Start Recruiting!

December - Presented by FITREC Fitness Registration

FITREC is a registration service that values ALL learning. 

At FITREC, we want you to pursue the professional development that is right for YOU. 

Let's take the focus off points accumulation (like CECs or PDPs) and return to becoming better versions of ourselves, no matter what direction this takes, no matter what country the learning comes from and certainly without fear of overstepping someone else's arbitrarily imposed boundary.

FTITREC is about transparency and accountability. All learning you've done (or not done) is immediately visible to all via your FITREC profile. Your learning also contributes to your FITREC Rating. So the more you do, the higher your score. Keep in mind that, over time, this score depreciates.

For more information on why we believe the points accumulation system (CECs, for example) has become a handbrake on industry progression, read this post.

Stay registered. Stay accountable. Choose FITREC.